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BITMAG™ - Magnetic Bit Storage System (magnetic bit holder).

The main purpose of Bitmag™ is to use it with short bits (that are normally more difficult to hold and change, but preferred by to use).
This unique magnetic bit holder from Sweden, suitable for all electrical screwdrivers (power driver/drill tools). It is the best accessory you can use for your power tool.
You can use Bitmag with short and long bits, attachments and drills in most extreme work conditions.


Benefits of using Bitmag™

  1. Fast bit changes with gloves on - with Bitmag™ you are able to use work gloves when changing bits. This is very hard, if not impossible, when using any other bit holders.
  2. Powerful - each whole does keep the bit or drill in place with full and even power. It works with heavy shocks, upside down and in extreme conditions. This is due to the more expensive magnets, design and overall build quality.
  3. Universal - Bitmag™ is truly universal, and double-sided. Can be used on any power tool in any place on any side of the tool.
  4. Durable - designed and precision made in Sweden, it offers super high quality and durability for a lifetime!


The main benefits of Bitmag are are that you can change bits very fast, with one hand (holding the machine in your other hand), not even removing work gloves. That is actually impossible without Bitmag!

As a bonus you can keep bits always in place on the machine. It's a huge time saver for somebody who works professionally, it also prevents loosing/droping bits.


Compatibility - one Bitmag fits them all!

Bitmag is trully universal! You can use it with any power tool in any place, it is double sided. Beside the strong 3M tape we include a mounting screws compatible with:

  • Festool
  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • Hitachi / Hikoki
  • DeWalt
  • Ryobi
  • Milwaukee M18
  • and many more!
You can also attach your BITMAG™ using doubled-sided foam tape or construction adhesive (3M or similar). That’s especially suitable for models without clips and also for brands like Hilti that has a unique clip attachment. Just make sure to clean the surface on your power tool before attaching.

Not only for bits

Bitmag™ was initially invented for use with professional power drivers/drills for fastest bit change of short bits, where it outperform any other solutions on the market!

Of course it can also be used with power hammer drills and any other quipment you like. It can be attached in any place by using a doubled-sided foam tape.


Quality and durability

Bitmag™ is a highest quality product.

Designed and produced in Sweden. Invented by a profesional for profesional users and daily heavy-duty use.

Bitmag™ is a premium product, made of high strenght materials. It is manufactured and asembled with high precision, small but very powerfull magnets are perfectly placed, the product is carefully qualiy tested before delivery.




BITMAG™ metal, magnetic bit holder
BITMAG™ metal, magnetic bit holder
BITMAG™ metal, magnetic bit holder
BITMAG™ - The Premier Magnetic Bit Holder A distinctive magnetic bit holder from Sweden,..
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